Polygonheart.com Launch!

Welcome everyone to the Polygonheart.com launch!!

It’s been a month or so since I first started working on the site and hinted at it to patrons over on discord and finally have a full launch ready! Not too shabby considering I’d never have worked with php before, right? :3c

So let’s go into more detail about the site, it’s functionality, known bugs and planned features!

What is Polygonheart.com?

Simple, it is the website that will be hosting an archive of all my art for patrons to access! It will eventually grow to have more features but for now that is the main focus of the site!

What can I do on Polygonheart.com?

Currently, Polygonheart.com hosts the public blog page (what you’re on right now if you’re reading this :D) which will host public PSAs mostly related to the site and art archive, potentially with the posts cross-posted on Patreon too!

The other big part of Polygonheart.com is the Art Archive! This is where most of the functionality is focused on!

First of all, to access it, you must be an active pledger of patreon! You can login on the top right of the site at any point!

Currently you can access each post in the art archive where you’ll be greeted with a gallery of the images contained in that post, in the post page you can also click the download button and it will download all the images as a zip (or if it’s a single image just the image itself)!

The zip downloaded will be named after the name of the post!

If you’re looking to download multiple posts at once, you’re in luck! You can select any amount of posts in a page, or click the “Select all in page” checkbox and then click the download button on the right and will download each posts in a single zip, with all the images being sorted in folders named after their appropriate posts!

Each post is categorised by “Reward Type” which dictates the type of media found in the post, e.g. Concept art, Image sets, comics, sketches, etc. Each post can have multiple categories as there are times which I will bundle different things together, e.g. The concept art for the new shark girl with the image set for the poll! In the Archive page, you can find them on the menu on the left!

Each post is also tagged with “Tags”, these are related to the context of the content found in the post! There are tags for characters, their series, race (e.g. furry, human, elf), sex (e.g. male, female, futa), interaction (e.g. futa on futa, male on futa, male on male), specific kinks (e.g. cumflation, crossdressing) and misc tags (e.g. Poll Winner, Original, Fanart). In the Archive page, you can find them at the bottom of each post!

In the archive page, you can also search through the post for any word! It’ll search the name, description, categories and tags for whatever you input!

Future Plans?

With the full launch, I will be slowing down on the development of the site as I pick up game development again! In the month I took to make the site, I had to stop working on Tactics Café so that I would be able to create this site within a month! Thankfully I was able to succeed and release it as planned, so now I will go into maintenance mode for a while as I will sit and observe any issues or bugs that come up, if you do encounter them make sure to let me know in the discord chat!

But after having picked up on Tactics Café’s development, I do have new features and improvements planned! I will go into detail for a few for now and will announce/talk about new ones as I work on them!

Tags Page

The first one to come out will probably be a page for users to be able to browse all the tags. At the moment you have to click/find them in posts or search for them but it’d be better to have a list of them available at any point! This shouldn’t be too high effort but you never know with coding lol

Dark Mode

Self explanatory, a dark mode that will allow for users to toggle between light and dark mode! This is something that will take longer to make as it’ll need some updating to the structure of the site. Hopefully though won’t take too long ,will keep you guys updated!

Mobile Optimization

While the site does work on mobile at the moment, it is nowhere near optimised for it. I will work on a responsive design that will look and work better on mobile!

This are the near future plans I have but there is more to come!

Thank you all for supporting me and I hope you guys enjoy the effort I put into Polygonheart.com as well as no longer having to wait for a new mega link!

02 Jul 2021 03:47

Category: PSA